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Comprehensive Physical Security Audit for Trucks and Trailers

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February 28, 2024 at 11:39:18 AM PST February 28, 2024 at 11:39:18 AM PSTth, February 28, 2024 at 11:39:18 AM PST

A physical security audit is a comprehensive assessment of your fleet's truck and trailer locks. Typically, this assessment measures current physical security selections against the industry best practices and standards.

Why are security audits important? Security audits help organizations assess and mitigate potential risks. By pinpointing vulnerabilities and weaknesses, organizations can take steps to strengthen their security measures. Additionally, physical security audits can help to:

Protect your reputation: Supply chain disruptions can damage a brand's reputation for reliability. Companies may opt to cancel other deliveries, end the relationship, and search for a more security-conscious fleet.

Reduce losses due to pilferage and theft: Regular physical security audits can be more cost-effective than dealing with the aftermath of a cargo theft. The costs associated with a theft can include the value of the cargo, increased insurance premiums, cargo recovery efforts, cost of supply chain interruption and more.

Gain additional lanes of freight: Use of high security locks can earn fleets more lanes of freight carrying higher value loads.


Is there a lock present on the back and side doors of the trailer? Having a lock is a deterrent for crimes of opportunity. Criminals typically target trailers with insufficient or no visible security measures, making trailers with locks less attractive targets.

Is the trailer lock made of high-quality, stainless or hardened steel? Is it heavy weight and high security? Investing in heavy-duty, high-quality locks can greatly boost trailer security. The key advantage of these locks is their resistance to physical attack by drills, chisels and cutting tools. High quality padlocks, such as those manufactured by ABLOY®, have additional safeguards making picking virtually impossible.

Has the factory-installed trailer latch been upgraded to a stronger hasp on all swing doors (including side doors)? Standard door latches and handles can be vulnerable entry points on a trailer. Consider a reinforced hasp and padlock assembly such as the ENFORCER Hasp + ABLOY padlock. The double thick welded tabs on this hasp offer extra durability against attack and increased padlock shackle protection. 

Does the roll up door automatically lock when the trailer door is closed? This type of lock is referred to as a “slam lock”. The slam lock is designed specifically to reduce a driver’s time and effort needed to secure the trailer with a padlock and hasp system. This step is often skipped during a busy delivery schedule which can result in unlocked doors.

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Is there a high security aftermarket locking device in use? Security minded fleets often add an additional heavy duty locking device to the back door of trailers to protect against pilferage and theft. A heavy duty anti-theft device for swing doors would be the ENFORCER®​ Adjustable Lock #1217 which protects both the active and passive doors from tampering. The Adjustable has a cast steel block that secures an ABLOY 350 padlock (included with purchase) for maximum security from physical attack. Roll up door trailers can be secured with the addition of a portable CargoGuard from the ENFORCER. The CargoGuard completely covers and protects the handle and padlock assembly from pry bars or cutting tools. Available with an ABLOY 341/50 high security padlock.


If the fleet utilizes seals, is there a lock in place to preserve the security seal? Utilization of a Seal Guard Lock can reduce broken seal claims and load refusals due to seal issues. Many Seal Guard Locks serve double duty and secure the trailer while also protecting the seal's integrity.

Does the chosen padlock perform in harsh weather conditions? ABLOY padlocks are designed to withstand the rugged trucking environment and all types of weather. If you are experiencing reduced operations in the winter due to frozen padlocks, consider upgrading to ABLOY or their next generation of weather resistant locks. The Super Weather Proof padlock range from ABLOY has a sealed shackle and weather seal cap to protect the interior components of the lock from exposure to outdoor elements.

Is the truck protected if it is left idling or unattended? Air brake locks completely cover and lock the dash mounted air valve levers to prevent the truck and trailer brakes from being released. These are an easy to use, portable solution to protect your equipment.

Is there a lock present to protect the landing gear? When in the locked position, the handle cannot raise or lower the landing gear.

Is the king pin protected when the trailer is dropped? King pin locks cover and lock the king pin to prevent unauthorized trailer hook ups. Without a king pin lock, cargo thieves can back up to your trailer, hook up to the king pin and steal your cargo and equipment.

Is there a glad hand lock available for use? Glad hand locks are designed to completely cover the glad hand mounting bolts to secure the trailer brake lines from unauthorized tampering. This prevents trailers from being moved. The glad hand locks can also be used for safety or maintenance lockout/tagout procedures. This offers an additional layer of warehouse or distribution center security.

Are key controls in place for trailer locks? Key control is an essential aspect of maintaining a secure environment. 

Are your keys patented by the manufacturer? Keys that are not patented can be duplicated commercially and pose a security threat.


Does your organization have a physical security policy in place? The purpose of a security policy is to establish company-wide guidelines for mitigating theft and protecting equipment. 

If you answered “no" to any of the risk assessment questions above, please contact us at Transport Security and we can make security recommendations for your fleet. Conducting regular physical security audits allows organizations to promptly detect and resolve new vulnerabilities. Upon completion, teams can rest assured knowing that the necessary security protocols are in position to mitigate potential risks.