Is Your Fleet A Target For Cargo Theft?

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March 15, 2023 at 12:57:00 PM PDT March 15, 2023 at 12:57:00 PM PDTth, March 15, 2023 at 12:57:00 PM PDT

Cargo thieves are always searching for their next target. They are looking for what they can easily get and sell quickly. Fleets can help take the target off their trucks by being security minded and knowledgeable about commodities and locations thieves are attacking. Your answers to the following questions can help you determine the threat level your fleet may be at for targeted theft.

Do you have good in-transit security? Your fleet may be a target if your trailers are not locked or are only secured with a plastic seal. Thieves survey gas stations, truck stops, warehouses, etc looking for weak security that they may quickly bypass. The ENFORCER® line of products are heavy duty and provide effective protection against forcing, drilling, picking and vandalism. Trailer door options for good in-transit security include the Adjustable Door Lock or the hasp and padlock assembly. Both of these security devices include ABLOY® padlocks with case hardened boron steel shackles.​

Do you pick up containers from ports or rail yards? Increases in theft activity around major intermodal hubs were significant in 2022. Idle container shipments are far easier for criminals to pilferage then one in motion. Ports in California, Texas, Florida, New Jersey and Georgia are current hot spots for theft. According to CargoNet data, “Theft in Georgia increased by 34% year-over-year, due in part to organized crime groups that took advantage of increased traffic to the Port of Savannah. Georgia shut down a state task force to investigate cargo theft in 2020.” Illinois and Memphis have rail yards that have also been targeted by thieves in recent years. 

Does your fleet drive through high theft states? “California remained the top state for reported events in 2022 and theft in the state increased 41% year-over-year,” according to CargoNet’s 2022 Supply Chain Risk Trends Analysis. Theft around Los Angeles and the Inland Empire is well documented and fleets traveling through this area should remain especially vigilant. Texas and Florida were the second and third most targeted states for cargo theft last year.

Are you hauling targeted commodities? Evaluate what kind of commodities you’re hauling and whether or not they match current cargo theft trends. “Household items were the most stolen commodity in 2022. This is a diverse category that includes appliances and furniture which often get targeted during long haul and final mile distribution. Household items were closely followed by electronics. Additionally, theft of televisions and other displays nearly doubled from 2021,” CargoNet reported.

Theft of food and beverage products also grew due to supply chain and scarcity issues. Food and beverage products are difficult to trace and are easy to sell, making these items very attractive to thieves. Fleets utilizing seals to ensure tampering has not occurred should strongly consider the ENFORCER Seal Guard Lock which protects the seal and secures the swing doors.

Do you have layered security in place at your warehouse/distribution center? Oftentimes cargo thieves have the ability to survey a property undetected. They learn schedules and patterns of the fleet and look for weaknesses they can take advantage of. Good lighting and fencing can help protect your equipment and cargo. Secure dropped trailers with a heavy duty King Pin Lock and a Landing Gear Lock. Also, have drivers ready to go when they pick up a load. Drivers should be prepared to drive 200 to 250 miles right after loading to get out of the “red zone” where cargo thieves like to hit.

Cargo theft can occur at any time. Keeping your answers to these questions top of mind when reviewing security plans and protocols can help keep your fleet stay secure on the road.