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Truckload carrier seeking a security solution to protect loads from theft and pilferage

Large, east coast based truckload carrier was seeking a heavy duty security solution to protect loads from theft and pilferage when moved by their owner operator network. The carrier hauls high value loads and wanted to minimize reputation risk and insurance costs due to cargo theft.

The challenge was to protect cargo when in transit and at rest. The fleet also wanted to secure equipment so trucks were not taken off the road due to theft. 


The ENFORCER® Hasp and Security Kit were chosen for their end-to-end protection and strength. The included locks secure multiple vulnerabilities on the truck and trailer. Security minded companies often utilize a variety of solutions in order to have several layers of security in place. The truckload carrier had the hasp installed during trailer build at the manufacturer and made use of locks a requirement of owner operator employment.

The Security Kit includes an ABLOY® Padlock, King Pin Lock and Air Cuff® Lock. The King Pin Lock and Air Cuff Lock include ABLOY lock cylinders. ABLOY lock cylinders utilize rotating discs instead of the traditional springs and pins. Cylinder keyway face spins freely to prevent drill bits from penetrating the lock. Locks are made of high quality materials, designed for the rugged trucking environment and are easy to use. All items in the kit were keyed alike for driver’s ease of use.


​The truckload carrier reported a decrease in theft incidences despite cargo theft being on the rise. Their professional drivers have been pleased with the Rear Door Hasp and Security Kit as both products allow them to do their job with peace of mind. The fleet continues to maintain customers with high value loads due to their dependability and security.