Locks For Construction Trailers & Equipment

Construction site theft is a costly issue. Job boxes and containers storing tools, heavy equipment and materials are prime targets for thieves as these items are easily resold. Stolen jobsite items can be difficult to replace due to cost and scarcity, effecting you and your client's timeline and budget. 

​Prevent break-ins and pilferage of containers on jobsite.

We offer heavy duty ABLOY padlocks and locking devices that incorporate an ABLOY padlock or ABLOY lock cylinder to secure your containers. These locks include the Adjustable Container / Trailer Door Lock and the Hasp. 

​Prevent unauthorized hook up to container chassis.

For unauthorized hook ups to container chassis we offer a king pin lock, gladhand lock and a landing gear lock. Our locks are very heavy duty and made of high quality materials. All locks are designed for the rugged construction environment. ​

Locks Recommended for Use:

  • Jobsite Security
  • Construction Containers
  • Electrical and Plumbing Contractors
  • Commercial Construction
  • Residential Construction
  • HVAC Companies

Lock Options for Construction Trailers and Jobsite Containers