Locks For Flatbed Fleets

Flatbed trucking companies have some of the same security vulnerabilities as other trucking companies, including unattended trucks and dropped trailers.  

​Prevent truck from being driven by unauthorized driver.

​The ENFORCER® Air Cuff® Lock is a proven security device to protect unattended tractors. Constructed of high impact resistant polycarbonate material, the lock completely covers and locks the dash mounted air valve levers to prevent the truck and trailer brakes from being released. The unit is portable and easy to install with no drilling or permanent installation parts required. An ABLOY® heavy duty lock cylinder is included. The cylinder keyway face spins freely to prevent drill bits from penetrating the lock. Consider outfitting your fleet with this lock to prevent cargo theft and a loss of equipment that is currently difficult to replace.

​Prevent unauthorized hook up to trailer.

There are a variety of lock options to protect a dropped flatbed trailer such as the King Pin Lock, Landing Gear Lock and Glad Hand Lock. The ENFORCER King Pin Lock is made of solid cast steel alloy. This heavy duty options covers and locks the king pin to prevent unauthorized trailer hook ups. An ABLOY® high security lock cylinder is integrated into the lock. A second option is the Landing Gear Lock. The Landing Gear lock is a heavy gauge high carbon steel lock box that covers and locks the landing gear handle. When in the locked position, the handle cannot raise or lower the landing gear. The third option is the Glad Hand Lock. The Glad Hand Lock (also known as the Trailer Air Brake Lock) is designed to completely cover the glad hand mounting bolts to secure the trailer brake lines from unauthorized tampering. This prevents flatbed trailers from being moved. The lock installs quickly and easily with a high security push button locking cylinder. The Glad Hand Lock can also be used for lockout/tagout purposes as well.

​Prevent theft of chains, headache racks and side boxes.

​In addition to locking your tractors and flatbed trailers, be sure to utilize high security padlocks where necessary. Secure chains, headache racks and side boxes with a heavy duty ABLOY padlock. The ENFORCER ABLOY lineup of padlocks includes various sizes including a shrouded option. Each padlock uses a series of disc tumblers that function like the tumblers in a bank safe. Only the correct key turned 90 degrees will align the discs and gates. These heavy duty padlocks are designed for all weather and rugged conditions.