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Customer Based Keying Solutions

Transport Security offers custom keying solutions for our products. Keying systems range from individual keying to master systems that cover large and extensive fleets.​ ABLOY padlocks and our locks that incorporate ABLOY lock cylinders can have keying systems set up in a variety of ways:​

  • Keyed Different - Every lock is keyed to a unique key code.
  • Keyed Alike - Two or more locks can be opened with the same key.
  • Keyed to a Master System - All locks are operated by individual keys and by a master key.

Keying System Experts

Master System Design

Our experienced team can assist with creating and maintaining a protected keying system. We will establish a process for key security and replacement orders based on your company’s needs. TSI retains all keycodes.

Key Compliance

Outsource your key management compliance to our team of experts. We take the responsibility of managing your key codes seriously and will work closely with your organization to ensure that data is secure at all times.

Restricted Keyway

ABLOY® keys are patented and cannot be duplicated commercially. Only Transport Security has the capability to make a duplicated key for our products.