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Wholesale distributor seeking an upgrade to security on their roll up trailer doors. 

​A nationwide wholesale distributor was seeking a way to upgrade security on their roll up trailer doors. Their competitors were experiencing an uptick in food and beverage theft during delivery to high crime areas.

The challenge was to add an additional layer of physical security to continue preventing theft. The distributor was already using the ENFORCER® Roll Up Door Lock and ABLOY® padlocks.


The ENFORCER CargoGuard and the ABLOY 342 shrouded padlock were selected as additions to current security measures. The CargoGuard is extremely heavy duty. It covers and protects the roll up door handle and padlock assembly from pry bars or cutting tools. It can be installed with the Roll Up Door Lock. Available with an ABLOY 341/50 high security padlock.

The ABLOY 342 shrouded padlock protects the shackle from bolt cutters​. Lock is made of case hardened steel and designed for the rugged trucking environment. All locks on the truck were keyed alike for driver’s ease of use.


The wholesale distributor’s trailers remained secure during elevated cargo theft risk. Their delivery drivers have been pleased with the addition of the CargoGuard and the shrouded padlock as both products allow them to do their job with additional peace of mind. The fleet continues to maintain their schedule and dependability without security interruptions.

342 ABLOY Shrouded Padlock
CargoGuard #8075 Installation
CargoGuard #8075 Installation
CargoGuard #8075 Locked
CargoGuard #8075 Secured by ABLOY Padlock