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Plastic Seals for Trailers and Containers

The plastic ENFORCER Simulock is easy to apply and easy to inspect. This seal optimizes security while saving valuable time and money. The unique features found on the Simulock make it much more than just another ring seal.

The Simulock is widely used for trucks and tankers, customs control, airline cargo, warehouses, roll cages, rail wagons, empty shipping containers etc.

Be assured of better security with our innovative use of materials and industrial design.



  • The Inspection Window is a unique feature developed to enable quick and easy visual checking of the locking mechanism.
  • The Inspection Window is ultrasonically welded to the seal. Ultrasonic welding is permanent and it cannot be cut or forced open without leaving clear evidence of tampering.
  • The Simulock is etched with permanent laser marking for name, logo & sequential numbers. Laser marking offers the highest level of security as it cannot be removed or replaced.
  • The snapping point provides easy removal of the seal while security breaking lines prevent a broken seal from being glued or welded together without leaving evidence of tempering.

Simultaneous double locking mechanism makes tampering very difficult.

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