Locks For Shipping Containers

Shipping container security needs to be heavy duty and extremely durable as containers are transported through various conditions and over far distances. To protect your cargo and have it arrive safely to its destination, two products are needed - a high quality lock and a seal.  

​Prevent break-ins and pilferage of shipping containers

Best practices for shipping container protection is to utilize a layered security approach. One layer is physical security such as heavy duty locks.  The ENFORCER®​ Adjustable Lock #1217 has a cast steel block that secures an ABLOY® 350 padlock (included with purchase) for maximum security. The cast steel block makes unauthorized removal of the padlock very difficult. The lock adjusts in half inch increments around the locking rods making for a tight fit on all container manufacturers. This high-security lock is portable and easy to install and is designed for the rugged shipping environment.

We also offer heavy duty ABLOY padlocks that are designed with rotating discs, like the tumblers in a bank safe, instead of the traditional springs and pins. This type of construction allows for reliable function in extreme environments as well as various master keying systems. Keying systems range from individual keying to master systems that cover large and extensive fleets. Locks may be keyed alike, differently or to a master system. ​​​

Lock Options for Shipping Containers