Locks For Tanker Trucks

Tanker trucks can be targeted by thieves. Fleets should implement a physical security lock program to reduce truck theft as well as limit liability if the tanker is carrying dangerous liquids. We are offer various locking devices to protect against theft as well as security seals. 

Additionally, we offer heavy duty ABLOY® padlocks in various sizes. These locks are designed for rugged trucking conditions. There are no critical springs to break, corrode or jam if foreign material is inserted. The keyway face spins freely to prevent drill bits from penetrating the lock. Padlocks and our locks that incorporate ABLOY lock cylinders can be keyed alike, different or to a master system.​

​Prevent truck theft.

To secure unoccupied, parked or idle tanker trucks we offer the ENFORCER® Air Cuff® Lock. This lock completely covers and locks the dash mounted air valve levers to prevent the truck and trailer brakes from being released. The unit is portable and easy to install with no drilling or permanent installation required. ABLOY® cylinder is included. Locks can be keyed alike or individually or to a master system.

​Prevent unauthorized hook up to trailer.

​For unauthorized hook ups to tanker trucks we offer a king pin lock, glad hand lock and a landing gear lock. Our locks are very heavy duty and made of high quality materials. Many can be keyed alike to a master system, one key opens all of the locks.