Locks For Reefer Trailers

Refrigerated trailers carrying food or pharmaceuticals are often the target of cargo thieves. Implementing a physical security program can help to avoid costly claims and possible loss of customers. 

​Prevent seal tampering 

Best practices include utilizing a Seal Guard Lock to secure the trailer doors and protect against seal tampering or unauthorized removal. Broken or tampered with seals immediately set off red flags for carriers. This can mean the load has been contaminated or the temperature altered. ​

​Prevent break-ins and pilferage of trailers

Food and pharma carriers also experience frequent pilferage from trailers. Thieves will break the seal, open the trailer and remove a few items making the theft difficult to detect quickly therefore putting time and space between the thief and the crime. While this is viewed as low risk to the thief, trucking companies are faced with economic loss from the stolen products, insurance claims and damaged customer relationships. 

Cargo thieves have learned that breaking into a trailer and removing some goods is less risky than stealing the entire trailer. To protect against pilferage and other theft, we offer heavy duty ABLOY padlocks and locking devices that incorporate an ABLOY padlock or ABLOY lock cylinder to secure refrigerated trailers. These locks include the Adjustable Trailer Door Lock and the Hasp for swing door trailers and the Roll Up Door Lock, CargoGuard or Trailer Lock Box for roll up door trailers.

​Prevent unauthorized hook up to trailer

​For unauthorized hook ups to reefer trailers we offer a king pin lock, glad hand lock and a landing gear lock. Our locks are very heavy duty and made of high quality materials. Many can be keyed alike to a master system, one key opens all of the locks. Locks are designed for the rugged trucking environment.